About Prism Africa


Prism Africa is one of the Twelve Channels that Muvi Television has introduced (Muvi Television is a private company categorized under Television Stations and Broadcasting Company in Lusaka, Zambia). Prism Africa is passionately dedicated to providing quality moral driven entertainment, education, and advocacy content that is custom made to meet the needs of a 21st century family. Located in the Mass media complex area on plot number 17734 Nangwenya Road Lusaka.

Prism Africa’s origin can be traced back to Litovia studios (a vibrant and innovative Television content provider run by young Zambians with vast experience in Audio and Video Productions under the headship of Pastor and Mrs. Reutter. We have been in the Audio and Video Production Industry for the past 18 years.)

In 2013 when MUVI TV was preparing to launch eight new channels as part of its expansion project to reach those that cannot access their signal using terrestrial transmitters and with the view of digital migration in mind, LITOVIA was approached to provide content for one of the channels. It is from this background that Prism Africa was born.

We run our own TV studios with the production of our own daily TV shows.


Our Vision

To produce and provide quality moral driven programming content fit for the whole family.


Our Value

We value the family; Because a healthy family is a healthy foundation for building a healthy community, church and nation.


Our Motto

Television for the whole family



Our Viewers

Muvi Prism Africa has a growing viewership. currently standing at over 500,000 people from different towns within the 10 provinces of Zambia. This is evidenced by the number of Phone calls, SMS, and Facebook responses we have received during some of the programs that have and are currently running on the channel. Programs such as he More Than a Song choir competition, which received 45,000 messages in a period of one week last year in September.

Muvi PrismAfrica prides its self in breaking new grounds. We are the first Channel in Zambia to be official broadcasters of Zambian Basketball (ZBA) Premier league games and Bittersweet poetry. Other Programmes include Caribean Stream, Mid Morning Dose, The Mwi n Shax Show, Afro Groove, Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer, Christ for all Nations with Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda, Hour of Deliverance, Run to win and Come into his House, just to mention a few.

Muvi Prism Africa also has an audience in other African countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Namibia, south Africa, Malawi, Botswana , Ethiopia, Uganda, Congo DR, Angola, Mozambique, The Gambia, Sierra Leone and as far as Sweden in Europe. This is made possible due to the fact that the satellite that Muvi TV and its affiliate Channels broadcast on (EUTELSATE 7A) covers Africa, Europe and the Middle East.