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Helmut and Esther Reutter

Prism Africa was founded in 2013 by the German Missionary Rev. Dr. Helmut Reutter. After more then 30 years of Ministry in Africa and broadcasting on local TV, a Satellite station covering most of Africa was inevitable. It is a free to air channel and is part of the MUVI-TV Network Broadcasting. It is aired from the Satellite Eutelsat 7B and 7A. It covers all of Africa, Europe and the Middle East (a population of over 1 Billion people.) There is no other multifaceted Christian teaching channel for the viewers of this satellite.

Reverent Helmut Reutter was born in 1956 and grew up in Germany. When he received Jesus as his personal saviour, his life would change forever. It soon became obvious that he was called to the mission field. Helmut attended the Theological Seminary Beroea and graduated in 1979 (a German seminary that was founded by American Missionaries). He then got married to Esther, and they both were finally sent out as Missionaries in 1982 to Zambia, Africa.

They founded a church, the Gospel Outreach Fellowship in Lusaka, several schools, orphanages, boarding schools, vocational training schools, several HIV clinics throughout the country that treat over 40.000 HIV patients. Their AIDS program really took off after a visit from the U.S. President and first lady George W. and Laura Bush, who decided to also support their AIDS program through the US government. Tens of thousands of children still have their parents today because Helmut and Esther did what God had asked them to do and helped.

In 2010 Dr. Helmut Reutter started the Chreso University, which by now has nearly 1,000 students on three campuses. God has put on their hearts to expand this Christian university to 5,000 students. The ground to expand the university campus has already been purchased.

Helmut and Esther have two adult children and one grandchild.


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