TV Guide (24/7 Schedule)


MWI & SHAX – Tuesday to Friday at 9:00 and 13:00

Enjoy explosive and dynamic Mwi and Shax as they entertain you with great hip-hop and R&B hits from across the world.  ‘We gatcha.’


Mid Morning Dose – Everyday 10:30 to 13:00

Catch Dr Dr B.I. in our Soul clinic. The only clinic where patients are allowed to self-prescribe their treatment.


Afro Groove – Everyday 14:30 to 16:00

Catch CPaul with a collection of great Afro hits gathered from all over the world.


Caribbean Stream – Time?

Catch Dj Diplomat as he brings you entertaining Caribbean dance and reggae hits.


Present Truth – Everyday 20:00

Brings to you sound biblical doctrine about what God is saying to the church today and teachings of the present season that will help you align your life to the will of God for your life.


Run to win – Everyday 5:30 and 14:00


ZBA Premier – Sunday 21:00, Wednesday 18:30, Saturday 15:00

Catch the action of great moments of the Zambian Basketball premier league on Sunday at 21:00. Catch the girls in action at 18:30 on Wednesday and 15:00 on Saturday.


BitterSweet – Saturday 21:00

Laugh out Loud (Lol) on bittersweet poetry and comedy.


Come into His House – Everyday 23:00

Receive fresh manna everyday as Pastor Helmut Reutter breaks down apostolic doctrine to a level fit for the whole family.